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Miracle Models


Models manufacturer in india We offer an innovative range of Industrial models like Cement Plant Models to our clients across country. These models are manufactured with high quality image structuring by using the advance technology. These models are create by our industry experts with every minute detail to provide clear understanding of the plant functioning. This static model is designed with the bird eye view depicted the complete plant with several sub sections.

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HAL is our client from last 10 years Defence units in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedanagar, Chennai, etc. Power Sector Industries Engineering Industries Auto Plant Manufacturers Architects And Builders Switch Gear Manufacturers Transformer Manufacturers
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On shore & Off shore model
On shore & Off shore model INR 0 INR 0 This model displays the plat form with oil rig, hoists, pumps, pipelines and other structures. The process can be easily visualised from the model. The model displayed at 3M CTC Center At Damam Dubai office. True 1499232915
Plant Model
Plant Model INR 0 INR 0 In plant models our piping work is neat and beautiful even when complex. the same can be observed in the photographs of LPG Recovery Plant, Crude Oil Conditioning Plant model. Our expertise in plants, and piping is still unchanged. True 1499412418
Scale Models
Scale Models INR 0 INR 0 Scale models play an important role in the field. Generally models of Power Sector and Architectural Models on 1:1 basis very large and for making models of these on that scale are not desired and nor useful. Accordingly these Models are made as … Scale down Models to present them on Table tops. Sometimes they are quite large to include all small details and are to an extent of 15-20 ft in Lengths as in the case of Thermal Power Station Model. Sometimes contrary to this models of milling Cutters etc. have to be enlarged to show their functional aspects. In this case we name them as Scale Up Models or Enlarged Models. True 1500716645
Defence Models
Defence Models INR 0 INR 0 Actually Model making has started from defence Models only from th start and during British Days only. With every equipment the Army, Navy and Air Force use the models to train their recruits handling them. For this models are essential to them. In Defence Models there are ……………… 1. Aircraft models of LCA, IJT, Mig-29. Sukhoi 30 etc. 2. Heavy Vehicle models like MBT Arjun, T-90 Tanks etc. 3. Radar Models Like…….. ..Weapon Locating Radars, Rohini Radars etc. 4. Missiles and Missile Launchers like Prithvi, Agni and Akash Missile Launchers etc. We take pride in writing that these Models have been made by us and supplied to such reputed Units like HAL Bangalore for their different divisions, BEL Bangalore, BDL Hyderabad etc. True 1500716737
Exhibition Models
Exhibition Models INR 0 INR 0 These are optimum Size models fit to be show cased in Exhibitions. They are generally Table size models, light, Portable, and with ease of transport. These models can depict the features of objects in detail and appealing to eyes. They are usually with Transparent Enclosures so that they are not handled by visitors in the Exhibition Venues. The sizes do not generally exceed 4 ft length. They get exhibited in Stalls of moderate size in the venue. The models carry labels of the parts in them. True 1500716812
Cut Section Model
Cut Section Model INR 0 INR 0 These models are used by very large industries & higher educational institutions alike for training purposes. Models are unique in that they reveal either 90 degree or 180 degree cross sectional details. under these conditions they are inherently fit to be working models more or less with least Friction. Some models of this nature the cut section model itself reveals so much that there is no scope left to of striping it any more .Cut section in this type is generally only 90 degrees and in these they reveal clearly their external shape and contours. True 1500718622
Training Models
Training Models INR 0 INR 0 Miracles have made many scaled Models both Scale Down and Up types even of Electrical Equipment like Switch Gears Models in Scale Down type and in Scale Up types a Milling Cutter Model with the holder for Taegu Tec Bangalore. Training models are gaining importance of late. Again these models are of Scale Down type. Generally very Huge Size industry uses these models for varied purposes as in Thermal Power Plants, Atomic Industry etc. Equipment in huge industries is spread about in large acreage of land and since new Entrant generally Engineers have to work under such situations need familiarization not only of the equipment but also of its geographical placement in the vast land of the Project. In Thermal Power Plants Boilers of Huge sizes, Turbines involving many stages like HP, IP and LP, Generators and their coupling to the Prime Movers viz Turbines etc are to be exactly familiarized to their Staff and Engineers alike and also to know the sequentialing of the Operations involved. True 1500717337
Exhibition Models
Exhibition Models INR 0 INR 0 Exhibition Models occupy an unique Place in model field. This is specially so, where the Product is Bulky/Heavy and cannot be moved for different Exhibition Places. The Exhibition Model represents the Product and its functions. In the field of real estate where Group Housing Projects involving huge layouts are to be undertaken and to market them ably, in order to mobilize the Finance for construction activity, the Architectural Model is Exhibited. Some industries use micro proportions of these models for display in Exhibitions. We have under taken making of exhibition models of Large Industrial campuses involving Manufacturing, Ware Houses, Pumping Stations and Generator etc. Roads inside, Parking Lots, Play Grounds for Employees , Recreation club etc.. formulate part of it. Photos Battle Tanks,Earth Moving Machines True 1500879315
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